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Products used in endoscopic sinus surgery

Bioresorbable Adhesion Prevention In The Nasal Cavity

Seprapack and sepragel sinus are the first products indicated to prevent adhesions in the nasal cavity.

seprapack illustration Seprapack is a sterile packing composed of chemically modified hyaluronic acid (HA) and carboxymethylcellulose (CMC). Once hydrated, this HA/CMC material becomes a gel that is slowly bioresorbed.

Sepragel Sinus is a sterile, transparent, viscoelastic gel composed of cross-linked polymers of hyaluronan.
Sepragel Sinus illustration

Seprapack and Sepragel Sinus fill nasal and sinus cavities following surgery or trauma, separating mucosal surfaces during critical days of post-surgical epithelial cell formation. By keeping mucosal tissues separate during the healing process, Seprapack and Sepragel Sinus prevent the formation of post-surgical adhesions in the nasal cavity.

seprapack and sepragel sinus are completely bioresorbable, eliminating the need for removal.

Seprapack and Sepragel Sinus prevent adhesions in the nasal cavity by separating mucosal surfaces during epithelial cell regeneration following surgery.

seprapack and sepragel sinus prevent adhesions in the nasal cavity.

Seprapack and Sepragel Sinus are typically bioresorbed within 14 days. Surgeons can now avoid the pain and possibility of re-injury to the site associated with removel of nasal packing.

Adhesion formation following nasal/sinus surgery can compromise surgical outcomes and complicate follow-up examinations.
Adhesion Free
Seprapack and Sepragel Sinus keep mucosal surfaces separate during the healing process. The products are slowly bioresorbed over this time, eliminating the need for removal at follow-up examination.
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